datsun 510 / 1600 rear disc brake upgrade

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Datsun 510 / 1600 rear disc brake upgrade

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You'll need the following parts:

- rear disc mounting brackets from Pintara/R31 Skyline
- rear rotors from Pintara/R31 Skyline
- rear rotors from Pintara/R31 Skyline
- new bearings for the datsun 510 rear hubs

Tools Needed:

- welder (mig or stick doesn't really matter)
- grinder
- assortment of metal files
- breaker bar
- 24mm Socket
- a rattle gun and air compressor would make life easy too(but not essential)

Step 1

You are going to need to disconnect the rear A-arms from you 510. Then comes the hard part removing the hubs. I found that bolting a tyre onto the hub then standing the arm on the tyre provided good leverage. Now I was lucky enough to have an rattler gun so I simply stood on the tyre and A-arm and kept rattling away until the bolt came loose.

I have heard of other people leaving the A-arms on the car, unbolting the half shafts then attaching a breaker bar to the hub bolt. Then placing a jack under the breaker bar and using the weight of the car to loosen the nut. Either way you do it, it's not the easiest of jobs.

Step 2

Take the mounting brackets from the Pintara/R31 skyline and weld up the original hub mounting holes(4 holes in total). Once you've filled in these holes, grind them smooth. Widen the middle hole of the mounting bracket by ~1 or 2mm. The metal is quite soft so you can quite easily do this by hand with a round file. Leave the caliper mounting holes for now.

To test whether or not you have enlarged the hole enough, keep trying to see if the bracket will fit on your datsun 510 hub. Once you've enlarged the hole enough you'll notice the bracket won't sit flush with the hub. You'll need to grind off a good portion of the bracket for it to sit flush.

Step 3

Now you'll need to measure up and redrill the hub mounting holes. The easiest way to do this is make a cardboard template. Remember to line up the mounting holes so the caliper is sitting on top of the rotor(paralell to the ground). Bolt the bracket on the hub once finished.

Step 4

Place the rotor on the hub and use a wheel nut to keep it inplace. Sit the caliper over the rotor and see how far out the caliper mounting holes(on the mounting bracket) are out by. One of the holes should line up and you'll need to either weld up and redrill the other or simply enlarge the hole. I'd suggest filling the hole and re-drilling it.

Step 5

You'll probably need to take both your A-arms to a mechanic unless of course you have a hydraulic press handy (only costs about $20 so is relatively inexpensive).

Remember that there is a bearing on each side and a round tube inbetween. Either press it yourself or get a mechanic to do so. Also put a heap of silicone based grease on all these parts (fill the chamber). These parts get very hot and I don't know about you but I never want to have to replace these parts again.

Step 6

Put the whole lot back together! It's as easy as that. You'll need to sort out some longer flexible brake lines to reconnect all the rear brake hydraulics.

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